3 Aspects to Look at When Choosing Mulch Delivery Services

Most homeowners struggle to choose between DIY mulching and professional delivery services when mulching their trees, flowerbed, and lawn. While most people would love the opportunity to tend to their yard by making their mulch, others lack the time to do so. If you cannot make your mulch, you need to order from next-day delivery services. However, choosing next-day mulch delivery services is not straightforward, especially for first-timers. This post highlights critical aspects to look at when selecting mulch delivery services.

Less Mess — Ordering mulch from a supplier is easy, but delivery services have a significant impact. For example, you might be left with a huge mess on your driveway if you choose inexperienced services. Therefore, you need to exercise due diligence when engaging a mulch supplier. Notably, cleaning mulch is no easy feat, particularly if it rains. Not only is the job backbreaking, but leaving overflowing mulch on a driveway can also leave unsightly stains on the kerbing. The best delivery services carefully place mulch in a designated spot without creating a huge mess.

Customised Mulch — Different plants need varying amounts of moisture and nutrients. Similarly, homeowners need various types of mulch for aesthetics purposes. For example, if you have a long driveway flanked by trees on both sides, you might need coloured mulch to match the curbing or driveway. However, your choice of mulch supplier determines the type of mulch you get. Thus, you should hire a supplier who can customise mulch to meet your needs. If your driveway has bricks with different shades, a supplier should customise mulch to match or contrast the driveway. A service provider should also examine the specific moisture and nutrient requirements of plants in your lawn and produce a blend that meets the needs. Most importantly, a customised mulch blend promotes the health of plants and the aesthetics of a property.

Sustainable Mulch — Where does your supplier source their mulch? Do they scour demolition sites for used timber and turn it into mulch? It is a critical consideration because the source of mulch largely determines its performance. For instance, mulch made from demolition remnants may be hazardous and might kill your plants due to contamination, while mulch made from fresh-cut trees will often be good for your plants. Your supplier should also source their mulch from licensed loggers who cut trees down sustainably. It means that you get safe mulch for your plants and play a key role in preserving the environment. 

Keep these things in mind as you look for a mulch delivery service.