Reasons Why Mulch Should Be One of Your Top Landscape Supplies

When thinking of updating your outdoor spaces, you may be thinking that you need to engage in a complete overhaul of your exterior spaces. However, changing every single thing about your outdoor spaces can be an expensive project to engage in. If you are limited on cash, you should consider small changes that will make a big impact on the overall function and appeal of your landscape.

Mulch happens to be one of the landscape supplies that is often underrated since some homeowners may think it is only important if they are nurturing new plants, but this is not true. In fact, mulch not only helps in increasing the visual appeal of your landscape, but it also proves a host of benefits for your pre-existing plants. Here are some reasons why mulch should be one of your top landscape supplies.

Mulch mitigates the spread of weeds

The thing about having a blooming yard is that when your plants and trees are thriving, the conditions will also be ideal for weeds. If these weeds are not eliminated, they can end up infringing on the growth of your decorative plants and even your grass. When you invest in mulch as one of your landscape supplies, you subsequently shield the soil from sunlight and this, in turn, prevents the weeds from getting a chance to sprout. Resultantly, you eliminate the need for herbicides to kill the weeds, and this minimises your gardening expenses.

Mulch keeps your plants hydrated

While Australia experiences rainy seasons that will help your plants thrive and receive the moisture that they need, once the hotter seasons roll around, there is a high likelihood of the plants becoming dehydrated. The more sunlight and radiant heat, the higher the evaporation rate of moisture from the soil. Hence, you end up having to water your plants more regularly than normal, especially of the species are not drought resistant. Mulch is a great solution for this problem since the layer will lock in moisture in the soil for your plants. Therefore, you get to enjoy a flourishing garden without having to invest a lot of your time in maintaining your plants.

Mulch keeps your garden fertilised

While some types of mulch are purely decorative and will not add any nutrients to the soil, you may want to consider organic mulch supplies that will decompose steadily over time. This decomposition is essential for your plants since the mulch inadvertently adds nutrients into the soil. Hence, you get to reduce your reliance on artificial fertilisers. 

Look for a store in your area that provides landscaping supplies to see what else they have that can help you.